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How Does Roof Pitch Affect the Cost of Your Roof Replacement?

Updated: Feb 23

Roof pitch diagram

Various factors affect the overall cost of roof replacement services. Among these factors, one of the most common factors is the kind of roof structure you have— particularly the slope or steepness. This is known as roof pitch. Roofing companies in Vancouver Washington charge differently depending on the roof pitch.

In this article, we will be discussing the roof pitch and how it affects the average cost of your roof replacement.

What is Roof Pitch?

Roof pitch rise/span chart

Roof pitch is the slope constructed by the rafters. There are two methods to measure the slope:

  • From the top of the roof

  • From the bottom of the rafters

The first number of the angle pertains to the height of the attic in inches, and the second number is the roof's run in inches.

A roof that has a pitch of around 8/12 or less is typically referred to as the “low-slope roof” since its slope is not too vertical and someone could walk on it safely. An attic with a more vertical pitch is known as a “steep-sloped roof”. Most residential roofing designs belong to this type since their slope runs from 3/12 inches to 20/12 inches. Roofers in Vancouver, WA will charge differently depending on the roof pitch.

Now that you know what roof pitch is, let's see how the roof pitch affects the overall cost of roofing in Vancouver, Washington.

How Does Roof Pitch Affect the Cost of The Roofing Vancouver Washington

Materials you choose for roofing in Vancouver, Washington affect the overall cost of the roof. For example, asphalt shingles are way more inexpensive than ceramic and metal tiles. What several of them do not know, is how the roof pitch affects the cost of a new roof replacement. Increasing your roof pitch will result in increasing your roof area. Consequently, it will raise the costs of materials needed to build it like underlayment, decking, insulation, and shingles.

On the other hand, reducing the steepness of your roof can slightly lower the material required to replace your roof. However, this will not be an option if only the waterproofing barriers and shingles will be replaced in the process.

Here are some other factors that affect the cost of a roof replacement.


Roof shingles

The foremost that affects the price is the quantity of shingles. Steep-sloped attics have further vertically oriented shingles, this requires more shingles to cover the area than on low-sloped roofs.

Five roofers installing a new roof

Operating on steep-sloped roofs can be very difficult; the slope affects the procedures concerned in installing those shingles. Shingles installed on a steep-sloped roof will require more sheets of plywood or roof nails to secure since they're more likely to drop. This takes more effort and time, which can lead to higher costs.

Extra Safety Tools

Man on roof with harness

Roofers in Vancouver, WA operating on steep roofs need extra safety tools since they cannot easily walk on such a steep roof. Based on the steepness, roofers in Vancouver, WA might require rigging or scaffolding to ensure all roofers are safe when they are working on your roof. These tools take time and effort to set up, as well as money to purchase or rent. Depending on your roof, extra safety tools could affect your quote for roofing in Vancouver, Washington.

Quality of the Work

Two roofers installing metal roof

Steep-sloped roofs take more time, effort, and work; they also a more skilled crew to complete the job. Not all roofing companies in Vancouver, Washington have the team and equipment needed to complete such work on your steeply sloped roofs. That means there are fewer competitors for the roofers in Vancouver, WA who can finish that work.

If you have a steep-sloped roof, it is always a good idea to get bids from numerous roofing Vancouver, Washington companies and ensure that the roofers in Vancouver, WA you are talking to are experienced roofing houses with steep-sloped roofs. Do not go for the lowest offer— ensure you have done your research and find out a roofer that you can entrust to do the work perfectly.

Why is it More Costly for a Roof with a Steeper Slope?

Roofer installing steep roof

There are numerous explanations behind steeper roofs equating to steeper costs. If the roof is steep, more care must be taken to confirm safety for the workers installing your roof. With more safety precautions needed, it can slow down the time to complete the project.

Installing shingles on the steep-pitched roof will also need different approaches. The installer might require more nails for each shingle which equates to more materials and time, which can produce a higher price estimation.


Finally, installing or repairing a steep-sloped roof may cost a little bit more, and take a bit of extra time and effort. You must find a roofer in Vancouver, Washington who can perfectly execute the job. Do not go for your cheapest bid.

A roof with a steep slope will indeed cost you more than a normal one. You will have to spend more than normal to get your roof replaced. It is worth it to get the job done perfectly by an experienced roofer in Vancouver, Washington.

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