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Matador Exteriors is offering free estimates on your local gutter project in Vancouver, Washington and Clark County. We offer rain gutters at an affordable price in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Our Aluminum gutters will never rust and do not sag. All gutters are made on site to the exact specifications of your home. We do an amazing job installing the best gutters Vancouver, WA has to offer.

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Gutter Styles

There's 3 main options when shopping for new gutters. Some gutter services may offer half round or larger commercial size gutters but that is much less common.


The smaller of the k style rain gutters. While still common, most people decide to upgrade to the larger 6k style gutters during the installation of a new gutter system.


Our favorite type of new gutters to install when replacing existing gutters in Vancouver, WA and Clark County on an installation project because they are the largest you find on a residential home and are the least likely to be clogged. They allow for a larger downspout opening making it difficult to back up. 6k style gutters are large so they stand out and appear as bold pieces of trim giving a better look to a home for a quick update.


Most commonly found on new construction because it eliminates the need for drip metal flashing on a new roof because of a lip on the new gutters. While they are still good quality, they do not provide enough flashing under the roofing and can cause issues from wicking. Call us for your next project with gutter installation services needed.

We offer a wide variety of color options from several manufacturers. Most people choose white, sometimes black, and rarely copper penny. Real copper gutters in Vancouver, WA and Clark County are rare and extremely expensive but still an option for those who ask. We may have a color that already matches the color of the trim for your home. It's better to have powder-coated gutters because the finish will last longer than traditional exterior paint. Let us know you'd like to see some color swatches during your free estimate.

half round gutters built on site in the vancouver areas

Gutter Covers

Gutter guards or covers come in many different shapes and sizes. Best installed when trees cover the home to prevent them from filling up with moss and debris. Gutter covers aren't perfect and will still require standard maintenance including cleaning which will still require you to hire a quality professional. Gutter covers with small holes often do not work on a high slope roof because the steep roofing causes the water to speed up and shoot over the gutters, downspouts, and cover.

We recommend homeowners stay away from brand companies that offer installation of gutter covers or filters in Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR because they often cost more than 3 times the amount and do not function as promised. These are high pressure sales and marketing companies hoping you trust their sales pitch but we think their theories "don't hold any water."

Another failed method to prevent gutters from filling up is to use mesh or a screen. These materials are the least effective as they are the perfect breeding ground for moss. This causes more work than if you had never installed the covers in the first place.


When replacing the downspouts on your home in Vancouver, WA and Clark County there are two main sizes to consider. The most common being 2x3 downspouts but most people are upgrading to the larger 3x4 downspouts because they are less likely to clog.

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Downspout filters/cleanouts

These are boxes meant to be your last line of defense before the water enters the underground pipe that leads to the street, storm drain, or French drain. These can be very difficult to unclog and will require you to rent equipment or hire a quality professional to unclog the drain properly. Cleaning the filter is easy because it's at ground level. Less of a project than cleaning with a ladder.

Seamless Gutters

On any street, Vancouver, WA has different types of rain gutters installed. The most common and best looking are seamless gutters. These are made on site with a coil of aluminum and a gutter machine. Each piece is made to custom size. If you're looking for a contractor than can offer seamless gutters, Vancouver, WA residents won't have to look far.

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gutter repair broken gutter cover

Gutter Repair

Sometimes after a gutter cleaning you can still find small leaks that we can repair with gutter sealant. A gutter repair can also consist of replacing one section of gutter by removing the damaged piece at the miter. As long as the size and the type of materials match it should be an easy replacement. Aluminum cannot be attached to a different steel gutter. Because steel is less common today, we recommend you replace those gutters with new gutters rather than repair. Most of the time it makes more sense to replace your gutters rather than repair but still keep the existing downspouts. Let us know what is happening with your gutters in Vancouver, WA, Clark County, Battle Ground, and Portland.

Gutter Cleaning Service

Matador Exteriors is happy to offer gutter cleaning services to projects at the beginning of a new gutter installation to make sure that leaves and other debris are not a mess left on your landscaping and house. Homeowners that have clogged gutters for too long can sustain leaks that require repairs to your roof, siding, and foundation from water damage. Sometimes a leaking gutter is caused by rust which means your existing gutters should be replaced with new seamless gutters. Often times a leaking gutter is caused by a clogged downspout requiring removal and installation for a lengthy cleaning project.

gutter companies pressure washing in Vancouver WA

Gutter Inspection

We are happy to come inspect your existing gutters to ensure their quality is holding up to our standards. If we see an issue with your gutters, downspouts, or other accessories, we will let you know which of our gutter services are best for you.

Gutter Replacement

Our most common type of gutter services are replacing existing gutters and covers on a home in Vancouver, WA. Many of the homes in Vancouver, Washington were originally built with steel gutters. These rarely last longer than 20 years because they easily rust. Steel requires a high level of maintenance of removing leaves and roofing debris to make sure they do not corrode. The easiest way to tell if you have aluminum or steel gutters is to test them with a magnet. A magnet will only stick to steel gutters.

notice how many stories have water damage in the surrounding area
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New Construction

Homeowners looking for a professional service on their new home project hire Matador Exteriors because we do a terrific job in a timely manner. We install gutters, downspouts, and covers for any kind of house with no mess left. More homes in Vancouver, Washington need their gutters replaced than their are new homes being built so this is one of our less common gutter services.

Gutter Hangers

Instead of the traditional way of hanging a gutter with a nail and metal dowel, we now install them with hidden hanger brackets that are mounted inside the gutter using a screw so not only does the gutter look cleaner and like it's floating because the nail heads are not visible, there are no pesky nails that love to back out of our gutters because our screws stay put.

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Gutter Cost

Gutters are generally priced per linear foot with an extra foot for each cut. If the linear feet of your gutters is a number greater than 300 expect to pay a little less per foot. It's easy to estimate how many feet using Google Earth. Downspouts are charged the same way. If you live in Vancouver, WA or Clark County then give us a call for an estimate on your gutter installation or repair.

Free Estimate

When you're collecting a free estimate today to replace your old gutters in Vancouver, Washington be sure to contact Matador Exteriors for a stress free gutter installation where your properly functioning gutters will increase your curb appeal. When you compare quotes, the choice is obvious, we are a professional gutter installation company that does an excellent job. Whether we're your first or final quote, we are confident we can earn your business. Serving Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, Clark County, and Battle Ground.

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