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Vancouver, WA Roof Cleaning

Matador Exteriors is a premier roofing company providing comprehensive roofing services to Vancouver, WA. Our services include roof replacements, roof repairs, roof cleaning, and exterior cleaning for residential and commercial properties. Our roof cleaning specialists can clean up and transform the exterior of your home or business to make it look new.

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About Us

We are a family-owned and operated, licensed, and insured company providing superior roofing services to our neighbors in Vancouver, WA. Our goal is for complete customer satisfaction with every service accomplished through high-quality workmanship, integrity, and efficiency.

Our customer relationship is a priority. Our experienced professionals go the extra mile to accommodate all of our clients. We take great pride in offering our quality services at an affordable, competitive price.

Get started with a new roof cleaning or another roofing service by giving us a call to request a free estimate today!

Benefits of Professional Roof Cleaning

As many homeowners and business owners in the Pacific Northwest know, the exterior of roofs and buildings can quickly accumulate dirt, debris, and moss. Roofs are responsible for the protection of your household and properly maintaining them is essential. Proper maintenance and timely repairs are essential to the durability, longevity, and good appearance of a roof.

Roof moss, built-in dirt, and grime deteriorate the roofing materials, collect moisture, and attract pests. Harsh Vancouver weather conditions with snow and frequent rain enable the accumulation of debris and the growth of moss and mold.

Regular cleaning will prevent more costly and time-consuming roofing services like full replacement and numerous repairs.
With our roof cleaning Vancouver team, you can expect a service that:

•    Protects the strength of asphalt shingles and other roofing materials
•    Extends the lifespan of your roof
•    Improves curb appeal
•    Prevents pests
•    Avoids water damage
•    Protects your manufacturer's warranties through proper maintenance

roof cleaning process and roof moss removal vancouver
Mossy roof in the Pacific Northwest

Our Roofing Cleaning Services in Vancouver, WA

All of our exterior and roof cleaning services are available to commercial and residential properties in the Portland metro area. We service roofs and buildings of all types including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and tile roofs. No matter the type of surface or severity of the dirt, debris, and moss, our skilled and dedicated team will always do a good job cleaning.

Roof Cleaning

Our standard roof cleaning service is customized to the needs of the specific house or building. We take great care in planning and executing your roof cleaning service to ensure it looks like new.

For residential homes in Vancouver, our cleaning professionals can have your house looking like new in as little as one day. For commercial properties in Vancouver, especially those with flat roofs, cleaning is an essential step in your building maintenance routine. Flat roofs collect debris and moisture more easily and can get dirty faster than a typical residential roof. Our moss removal and cleaning services can help prevent costly damages that may slow your business down.

gutter cleaning and roof moss removal services in the vancouver area
pressure washers used as moss busters on remaining moss for cleaning roofs

Pressure Washing

Our comprehensive pressure washing services are ideal for built-up dirt and grime on a driveway, sidewalk, exterior wall, or deck. Our professional pressure washing machines are highly efficient and able to powerfully pressure wash a surface without damaging it.

Our skilled and highly trained cleaners have an attention to detail and care for excellence. Through these professional maintenance services, you'll enjoy a healthy roof that will look excellent for several years.

Gutter Cleaning

Our thorough gutter cleaning service begins by removing debris from all of the gutters, downspouts, and water runoff areas. We then flush the gutters with water to ensure they are flowing efficiently.

If your gutters are under or near trees, we recommend permanent guards for your gutters to block debris from entering and clogging them. Our professionals can install guards for your gutters following your gutter cleaning service.

Gutter closeup
roof cleaning and moss prevention treatment after removing loose debris

Moss Removal

Roof moss and algae can not only be unsightly but can cause damage. Removing moss can be difficult and requires special cleaning, in which our professionals are highly trained and do an amazing job.

To remove moss, we utilize a specific process of moss treatment, power wash, and moss removal. Moss treatment also helps prevent moss growing back on your roof in the near future.

Roof Repairs

If our certified roof inspector finds roof damage that compromises your roof's integrity, we will recommend certain repairs be completed before we complete a roof cleaning on your property.

Certain damages, such as missing asphalt shingles or small amounts of mold do not require a full roof replacement. It is important to have it repaired as soon as possible as damages left untreated can quickly worsen.

Our experienced roofing contractors can complete roof repairs quickly and to the highest standard of quality to ensure you have the strongest and best roof over your head.

Repaired roof
Gold trophy

Top Rated Roof Cleaners in Vancouver, WA

Our reliable and responsive team of roofing contractors always provides their best work, rain or shine. From pressure washing sidewalks to large-scale moss removal and treatment, retreat every project with care and attention to detail.

Check out our verified customer reviews to hear from prior clients in Vancouver and learn more about how we can help restore your home or business.

Matador Exteriors: Contact Us in Vancouver, WA

We provide roof cleaning services throughout the greater Portland metro area.

For more information about our services, roof cleaning cost, and moss removal cost, contact our customer care team to schedule a free roof inspection. We will provide you with a detailed free quote, so you are able to make an informed decision regarding your home or business.

Give us a call to be one step closer to a beautiful and clean roof!
Phone: 360-836-0369
10401 NE 29th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98686

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