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Which Type of Gutter Is Best For Vancouver, WA?

Updated: Feb 23

Beige gutters on red brick house

The Difference Between 5K, 6K, and Fascia Style Gutters: Why 6K is the Best Style for Homes in Vancouver, Washington

When it comes to gutters for your home, there are several different styles to choose from. Two of the most popular styles are 5K and 6K gutters. Additionally, some homeowners opt for fascia style gutters. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, when it comes to homes in Vancouver, Washington, 6K gutters are the best option due to the high amount of rainfall in the area.

What are 5K Gutters?

5K gutters are typically made from aluminum or vinyl and have a width of around five inches. They are commonly used on smaller homes or buildings. They can be installed using brackets or hangers that attach directly to the fascia board.

One advantage of 5K gutters is that they are typically less expensive than other gutter styles. Additionally, they can be easier to install due to their lighter weight.

However, one disadvantage of 5K gutters is that they may not be able to handle heavy rainfall as well as other gutter styles. This can result in overflowing water which can damage your home's foundation or landscaping.

What are Fascia Style Gutters?

Fascia style gutters are similar to 5K gutters in that they attach directly to the fascia board of your home. However, instead of being a separate piece from the fascia board like traditional gutters, fascia style gutters become an extension of your home's trim.

One advantage of fascia style gutters is that they provide a seamless look since they blend in with your home's trim. Additionally, since they attach directly to the fascia board, there is no need for additional brackets or hangers.

However, one disadvantage of fascia style gutters is that they may not be as durable as other gutter styles since they do not have a separate support system.

What are 6K Gutters?

6K gutters have a width of around six inches and are typically made from aluminum or copper. They can handle more rainfall than 5k gutters and provide better protection against overflowing water.

One advantage of 6k gutters is their increased capacity for handling heavy rainfalls which make them ideal for areas like Vancouver where heavy rainfall is common during certain times of year.

Additionally, because they have a larger width than other gutter styles such as 5k or fascia style options - this also means that leaves and debris are less likely to clog up your system causing problems down the line.

However one disadvantage could be cost - but this will vary depending on materials used etc. so it's always worth discussing with your contractor before making any decisions.

Why Choose 6k Gutters For Your Home In Vancouver

Vancouver has an average annual rainfall total of around forty inches per year which means you need a gutter system that can handle large volumes of water effectively without overflowing onto your property causing damage over time (such as erosion).

Due to their wider size and higher capacity compared with other options like fascias or even smaller K-style varieties - we believe that choosing six inch wide (or "6k") seamless aluminum/copper options would be best suited given these weather conditions!

While initial costs may seem higher initially when compared with alternatives like vinyl models - think about long-term savings potential by avoiding costly repairs later down line; additionally consider investment value when selling property too!

In conclusion - while all three types discussed here offer different benefits depending on what you're looking for (and budget) - if living in an area prone heavy rains such as Vancouver then going with larger six inch widths will ensure peace mind knowing water flow won't cause any serious issues over time. Call Matador Exteriors for a free gutter estimate today!

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