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What Color Roof Shingle Is Best?

Updated: Feb 23

Aerial view of neighborhood with light and dark colored shingles

Are you in the midst of installing a new roof, or planning a renovation of your existing one? We're sure you've given plenty of consideration to the perfect material for your shingles, aiming for ideal ventilation, insulation, and waterproofing. But alongside this deliberation arises another key question: Should I opt for dark or light roof shingles?

Our advice is to choose a color, be it light or dark, that complements the overall color scheme of your home's exterior. However, a common notion suggests that light-colored shingles contribute to better energy efficiency.

How accurate is this idea? And what are the consequences of opting for dark shingles over lighter ones? Let's delve deeper!

Analyzing Light and Dark Shingles

We've juxtaposed light and dark shingles based on a few crucial aspects:

  1. Impact on Temperature Some people believe that the color of your shingles influences the temperature inside your home. According to this theory, light-colored shingles reflect sunlight, thereby substantially reducing the interior temperature. Conversely, dark shingles tend to absorb heat, contributing to a warmer household. Although there may be a modicum of truth to these suppositions, the overall effect is negligible. Proper insulation is key to achieving an energy-efficient home. While a well-ventilated roof is essential, the color of your roof has little impact on your home's overall comfort.

  2. Aesthetic Appeal In deciding upon the color of your roof shingles, you must consider the overall exterior paint scheme of your house. While some may argue that light shingles best pair with light-colored homes, and dark shingles complement darker exteriors, we respectfully disagree! Our belief leans towards establishing a contrast. For instance, a house painted in a lighter shade can look striking with dark shingles, and vice versa. However, there are no stringent rules governing the choice of shingle color. Select the hue that best aligns with your aesthetic sensibilities.

  3. Lifespan and Durability One ongoing discussion pits dark and light shingles against each other regarding their longevity. A widely held belief posits that dark shingles outlast their lighter counterparts, primarily because darker hues can withstand more heat, resist snow, resist fading, and are effective at concealing flaws. However, there's no substantial evidence to support this claim. Color bears no relation to lifespan. A well-ventilated roof with an appropriate heat escape mechanism will have a long lifespan, irrespective of whether it sports light or dark shingles.

What Will You Choose? Will you opt for dark shingles or light ones? Or perhaps you might like a mix of both? We believe the choice of shingle color should be based on your personal preferences and the aesthetics of your home's exterior color scheme.

If you've always envisioned your home with a vibrant red roof, go for it! If you believe a light grey or white roof will impart a minimalist and sleek look to your house, opt for light shingles! If mixed colors like dark grey align with your home's style, dark grey shingles would love great! Choose what fits your home best. Regardless of your selection, our Vancouver, WA roofing contractors at Matador Exteriors will ensure your home looks fabulous.

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