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Skylights and Reroofing: To Replace or Not?

Updated: Feb 23

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Integrating Skylight Replacement in Your Reroofing Project

When undertaking a reroofing project, especially in areas like Vancouver, WA, a common question among homeowners pertains to the fate of existing skylights. Should they be replaced along with the roof, or can they remain as is? As a seasoned Vancouver, Washington roofing contractor, Matador Exteriors offers insights into the considerations and benefits of replacing skylights during a reroofing project.

Key Considerations for Skylight Replacement

Age and Condition of the Skylights

  • Existing Wear and Tear: Assess the current condition of the skylights. If they show signs of wear, such as cracks or leaks, it's advisable to replace them during reroofing.

  • Lifespan Alignment: Consider the age of the skylights relative to the new roof. If the skylights are nearing the end of their lifespan, synchronizing their replacement with reroofing can be more efficient.

Technological and Efficiency Advancements

  • Upgraded Features: Newer skylight models offer better energy efficiency, improved UV protection, and enhanced features like solar-powered shades or rain sensors.

  • Energy Efficiency: Replacing old skylights with more energy-efficient models can contribute to overall home energy savings.

Integration with the New Roof

  • Seamless Integration: Installing new skylights during reroofing ensures that they are perfectly integrated with the new roofing materials, reducing the likelihood of leaks.

  • Warranty Considerations: Some roofing warranties might be contingent on all components of the roof being updated, including skylights.

Advantages of Replacing Skylights During Reroofing


  • Reduced Labor Costs: Addressing skylight replacement during reroofing can be more cost-effective than doing it as a standalone project later on.

  • One-Time Disruption: It consolidates the home improvement disruption into a single period, rather than separate instances.

Enhanced Roof Integrity

  • Prevention of Future Leaks: New skylights ensure a tight, leak-proof seal with the new roofing materials.

  • Long-Term Durability: Aligning the life expectancies of the skylights and the roof promotes overall roof integrity.

Matador Exteriors: Your Partner in Skylight and Reroofing Solutions

Expert Consultation

Our team assesses your current skylights and provides professional recommendations based on your specific needs and the condition of your roof.

Quality Installation

We specialize in the seamless integration of skylights with reroofing projects, ensuring high-quality workmanship and materials.

Comprehensive Service

Matador Exteriors offers a complete range of roofing services, including skylight replacement, tailored to enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Conclusion: Making the Smart Choice

Deciding whether to replace skylights during reroofing is an important consideration. With Matador Exteriors, homeowners in Vancouver, WA can make an informed decision, ensuring their reroofing project enhances both the beauty and functionality of their home.

For professional guidance and services in skylight and reroofing projects in Vancouver, WA, contact Matador Exteriors. We’re committed to providing solutions that elevate the safety, efficiency, and aesthetic of your home.

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