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Potential Threats Posed By Visible Roof Nails On Your Roof

Updated: Feb 23

Board with a hammer laying atop it and several exposed nails

In an ideal scenario, the nails on your roof should remain out of sight. A correctly positioned nail is meant to sit flush with the shingle it's hammered into, being further concealed by the overlapping shingle above. This process safeguards the nails, keeping them secure and invisible. Nevertheless, over time, even the best-placed nails can become exposed, generally due to extreme weather conditions. This seemingly minor issue of exposed roof nails can wreak significant damage to your roof and, by extension, your home.

Why Do Roof Nails Become Exposed?

Harsh weather conditions are often the leading cause of roof nails becoming visible. Shingles can be dislodged by strong winds or heavy snowfall, frequently leaving their nails exposed. While a well-installed roof should withstand such conditions, exposed nails can still occur frequently if a nail is excessively driven into a shingle or situated incorrectly. Additionally, shingles that are improperly nailed can invalidate a roof's manufacturer warranty. Consequently, if exposed nails are deteriorating your home, you might be unable to claim your warranty.

Another scenario where nails become exposed is during roof repair. If a contractor chooses to nail new shingles over the damaged sections, rather than fitting them under the existing shingles, exposed nails may be left under this new roof area. These exposed nails can potentially invite moisture infiltration.

Are Visible Nails Detrimental?

The most formidable adversary of any roof is water. Once water infiltrates your roof, it often leads to the development of rot and mold, resulting in substantial issues that can be expensive to rectify. In short, an overlooked exposed nail will eventually permit water ingress. As they become visible, nails become susceptible to rusting. The rusting process can lead to the creation of a hole in your roof. Thus, it is of utmost importance to identify and address the problem of exposed nails before they pose a threat to your home. Even a single exposed nail can instigate water damage.

How Should I Mend My Roof?

If you're concerned about potential exposed nails or other nail-related problems affecting your roof, don't hesitate to contact Matador Exteriors. Our team can dispatch a specialist to examine your roof. Following a thorough evaluation, we'll provide the most appropriate suggestions for repairing your roof. In several cases, a straightforward repair might suffice, but extensive damage could necessitate a complete roof replacement. This highlights the importance of early detection and remediation of exposed nails before they can escalate into a significant hazard.

Furthermore, poorly executed roof repairs or installations could exacerbate the problem of exposed nails. Professional roofing contractors at Matador Exteriors ensure meticulous installations, repairs, and replacements, keeping your home safe from potential water damage. So, don't wait for visible nails to manifest into bigger problems. Get them inspected and fixed immediately, preserving the structural integrity of your roof and the safety of your home.

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