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How to Install a Skylight

Updated: Feb 23

A Vancouver Washington roofing contractor inspecting a skylight from inside

Skylights can significantly enhance a room by ushering in radiant natural light and offering breathtaking views of the blue sky. Though the idea of installing a skylight may initially seem challenging, with Matador Exteriors by your side, it becomes a streamlined experience. As a leading name in roofing in Vancouver WA, we've meticulously perfected the craft of skylight installations. This guide will demystify the steps of incorporating this architectural gem into your living space.

Preparing for Installation

1. Selecting the Ideal Location: The placement of your skylight is pivotal. You'd ideally want a spot with a direct view of the sky, unblocked by tall trees or neighboring structures. Our team at Matador Exteriors can assist in identifying the best position for maximum impact.

2. Opting for the Right Skylight: Skylights come in various styles, such as vented, fixed, or tubular. It's vital to pick one that aligns with your requirements and aesthetics. Seeking counsel from trusted Vancouver Washington roofing companies can be invaluable in making an informed decision.

3. Securing Necessary Permits: Some locales mandate permits for skylight installations. It's always prudent to check with local regulations. Alternatively, Matador Exteriors, a renowned Vancouver WA roofing contractor, can guide you through the permitting process.

The Installation Procedure

1. Carving an Opening: Ensure there are no underlying electrical wiring or potential hazards. Then, carve a precise opening in the roof where the skylight will nestle.

2. Positioning and Fastening the Skylight: Lift the skylight onto the roof, aligning it over the opening. Once in place, fasten it securely using the accompanying brackets or screws.

3. Ensuring Waterproof Integrity: Waterproofing is paramount. It's essential to have an impenetrable seal around the skylight to thwart any water ingress. Employ flashing around its perimeter and overlay with a waterproof membrane.

4. Interior Refinements: With the skylight firmly anchored, turn your attention to the room's interior. This phase involves tasks such as drywall installation, painting, and other touches to harmoniously merge the skylight with your room.

Post-Installation Care

Routine Scrutiny: Being among the elite roofers in Vancouver Washington, Matador Exteriors always underscores the value of periodic inspections. Be on the lookout for any potential cracks or signs of leaks, particularly after bouts of heavy precipitation.

Regular Cleaning: Dust, leaves, and other detritus can settle on your skylight over time. Periodic cleaning ensures you maintain an unobstructed view while optimizing light inflow.

Why Choose Matador Exteriors?

With a plethora of roofers in Vancouver Washington, why choose us? We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, vast experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We've made skylight installation a hassle-free process for countless clients, ensuring they enjoy the beauty and functionality of this architectural feature for years to come.

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