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How Matador Can Assist With Your Roofing Needs in Vancouver, Washington

Updated: Feb 23

Vancouver, WA residents have relied on Matador Exteriors for years. Our team of skilled roofers can help you with any residential roofing needs including repairs, replacements, and roof inspections for homes you either own or are considering buying. For your home roof's lifespan and, more importantly, safety, we provide the following services.



Every stage of a roof's life cycle sees material or structural failure. We at Matador Exteriors can assist you in deciding whether your Vancouver, Washington house needs a repair or a new roof. Although it's always our intention to prolong the life of your roof, there are situations when it simply isn't feasible.

But how can you tell when a home roof needs to be replaced? Take into account the following signs:

Age of Roof: 

In Vancouver, asphalt shingles typically last 15 to 25 years while metal roofs often last 30 to 50 years. Flat and lower slope roofs do not last as long in Vancouver's climate because of the excessive amount of rain.

Water Damage/Leaks:

Your walls and/or ceilings may have moisture stains, water stains, and peeling paint, which are all signs of a leaky, damaged roof.

Use of High Energy:

It requires regular effort to keep your house cool in Vancouver throughout the summer and warm during the winter. Despite typical consumption, if your energy bill is greater than usual, your roof could be to blame. Your roof may have leaks that enable air to escape. Your roof's color and composition might also have an impact. The hot Vancouver sun is reflected by lighter-colored shingles or reflective surfaces like metal roofs.

Material Deterioration:

The rainy winters and scorching summers in Vancouver may be very taxing on your home's roof. This might allow roofing materials to go missing or decay. A few shingles can occasionally be replaced, but whether they can be repaired depends on where they are located and the health of the shingles nearby.

If your home's roof is exhibiting any of the aforementioned symptoms, it could be time to replace it. Set up a free inspection with Matador Exteriors right away.


The weather in Vancouver may harm your residential roof in a number of ways, including wind and sun exposure. Whatever the origin of the damage, prompt identification and repair are essential to extending the life of your roof. A home roof repair may be necessary if there are leaks, drafts, missing or damaged shingles, and mold.

You may trust Matador Exteriors for your roofing needs if you believe you require a repair. Without compromising on quality, our skilled roofers will restore your roof as soon as feasible.

While some repairs may be completed quickly, others take longer. The cost and length of time required to execute a repair vary depending on a number of factors, including:

-The condition of your roof right now

-the amount of your roofing system's damage

-The kind of roof you have and the materials that were utilized to construct it

-Age and life expectancy of your roof

Since a Vancouver, WA storm may come out of nowhere, we realize that you may not have budgeted for roof repairs. For this reason, we provide cost-effective options like financing.


Are you looking to purchase a house in Vancouver, Washington? If so, we strongly advise having the roof of your desired house inspected before closing.

One of our knowledgeable professionals at Matador Exteriors can assess whether your potential home's structure has been compromised by minor problems. Every issue and required fix will be noted, along with how it affects the possible property you are buying. Our crew will provide you a thorough report on the roof's condition when the inspection is complete. You may use this report to assist in the bargaining process, which can minimize the closing costs.

Never purchase in a new Vancouver house without first getting a full residential roof inspection. Contact one of our knowledgeable roofers right now.


You can rely on Matador Exteriors to provide top-notch residential roofing services. Our Vancouver-based team of roofing specialists will make sure you and your family have a stress-free time while we take care of all of your roofing needs.

To get in touch with us and ask for a residential roofing estimate in Vancouver, WA, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at (360) 836-0369!

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